Roasting A Turkey Recipe

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Roasting A Turkey


Truly, is there any thought more daunting for the home cook than the prospect of roasting a turkey?

At the end of the day (And arenít we all already looking forward to the end of the day?) roasting a turkey is actually the easy part. Itís the shopping, the basting sauce, the turkey stuffing or dressing, the pie crust and various and sundry items grocery listed that require time and attention. Most of our time. And all of our attention.

Roasting A Turkey Recipe

To be sure, when it comes to roasting a turkey, the cook is one part chef, one part project manager, one part historian and one part teacher. The chef part canít help but tweak the turkey stuffing recipe to give it a unique twist with just a hint of that much more personality. The project manager is in charge of managing the budget and the logistics of getting the bird from the store to the fridge, to the oven and finally to the table all while providing five or six complementary side dishes. The historian canít help but remember the time the turkey went into the oven upside down, the mashed potatoes came out with only slightly less consistency than wet cement and who canít help but remember that time more white wine went into the chef than the basting sauce. (But we wonít talk about that.) The teacher has that very rare privilege of creating a legacy (or at the very least, a brand new recipe) to be handed down through the generations.

How To Roast A Turkey

Thatís a lot. But then again, a turkey signifies nothing if not abundance. So go ahead, tie one on (apron, of course), take a pre-bow and dive in. Itís turkey roasting time.

Have a game plan.

Youíre not just roasting a turkey. Chances are youíre cooking a turkey dinner and that takes planning.

.: Roasting A Turkey :.
  1. Thaw your turkey
  2. Create a basting sauce.
  3. Make your stuffing or dressing.
  4. Preheat your oven.
  5. Stuff your turkey.
  6. Stuff your turkey in the oven.
  7. Take a break. Have a drink. Pace yourself.
  8. Baste your turkey.
  9. Plan your side dishes.
  10. Plan your dessert recipes.
  11. Remove your turkey.
  12. Rest your bird. (And yourself.)
  13. Make your turkey gravy.
  14. Make someone else carve your turkey. (Youíve done enough.)
  15. Finish wine. (Youíve earned it.)
  16. Plan for turkey leftovers.
  17. Push food around plate. (Letís face it, after seasoning and tasting, tasting and seasoning, pilfering some of that crisp skin and sneaking off with the yummy bits, who could possibly be hungry?)
  18. Have nap. (Youíve earned it.)
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